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GitHub is giving away free server credits and development tools for students.

Just want the link? Here it is.

How to apply:

Go to this website and login with your GitHub Account. GitHub will ask you some nice questions and you’ll either need to put in your school email or take a picture of your student ID. About 2 days later you should be able to go to the offers site and redeem everything.


DigitalOcean, really a no-brainer. You get $50 in server credits to spend over 12 months.

What can you build with it?

2 ideas to get your creativity started:

Before you redeem: Get a $1oo more and keep this server up ;) (thank you)

Heroku (more server credits)

Yes, more server credits. This time, one server for free, for two years. Sounds good, right?

What can you build with it?

  • Again, Fathom Analytics is an awesome candidate to start with. Be warned, after 20K page clicks you will need to upgrade your database though.
  • There is the option to install Ghost, though in my experience it did not work at all.

A free domain with Namecheap

Get a free .me domain on Namecheap (noticed the URL you’re visiting right now?) for one year. Looking for ideas to use it for? Read on.

What can you build with it?

  • Combine this with DigitalOcean and build a free Ghost blog on the domain (like me)
  • Combine this with GitHub pages and create a Portfolio for yourself
  • Combine this with GitHub pages and Jekyll and create a blog.

Free continuous integration with Travis CI

Continuous Integration has really helped me become a better developer, by forcing me to write tests and pass a linter. It really helps, even with solo projects. There is really no reason to not get it.

What can you do with it?

  • Automise deployment
  • Write better software with tests
  • Get an awesome badge for your README

Debug your applications better with Sentry

Sentry is an awesome tool to track errors in your products. Surprise, you get it for free with the pack.

What can you do with it?

  • Include an easy feedback option in your projects
  • Know when your app is crashing
  • Track errors

Every. Single. JetBrains. IDE.

JetBrains makes awesome IDEs and they are giving the pro versions away for free with the developer pack.

What can you build with it?

  • Use PyCharm to better develop Django and Flask applications, or just build better python
  • Use WebStorm to make awesome websites.

Edit: JetBrains offers their licenses without the pack as well here.

An awesome Git GUI with GitKraken

Do you want an awesome git GUI for your awesome GitHub projects? Surprise, you get that one for free too, specifically the pro version of GitKraken

Before you redeem: Please use my referral code, we both will be entered for Nintendo Switches and I get some swag :)

Thank you for reading!

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Now go and get your free tools!

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